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Blueseventy Timing Chip Strap Blueseventy Timing Chip Strap

Taped cleat opening increasing durability. Thick, shaped neoprene hugs your shoe and protects you from the wind and water.

Our Price: C$ 9.95
Sale Price: 7.50
Speedo Sports Towel Speedo Sports Towel

Super absorbent swimmers towel. Absorbs many times its weight in water. Great for all water sports and eliminates the need for heavy wet towels after workouts.

Our Price: 21.95
Finis Ultimate Drag Suit Finis Ultimate Drag Suit

Elevate resistance training with the Ultimate Drag Suit. This universal fit drag suit is designed with drag cups integrated into the suit, which increases resistance while swimming.

Our Price: 54.95
Finis Dryland Cord Finis Dryland Cord

Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training and conditioning. The Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles.

Three Resistance Levels: Yellow Webbing - Light Resistance, Green Webbing- Medium Resistance, Red Webbing- Heavy Resistance.

Our Price: C$ 45.00
Sale Price: 39.95
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Replacement Goggle Strap Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Replacement Goggle Oggle Strap

1/8" replacement silicone double head strap for goggles. Include replacement back clip.

Colors available.

Our Price: 7.95
Speedo 1/2" Split Goggle Replacement Strap Speedo 1/2" Split Goggle Replacement Strap

Replace worn or broken goggle straps with this 1/2" split silicone headstrap. Replacment split headstap includes 2 clips.

Colors available.

Our Price: 6.95
WIN Swim Socks, White WIN Swim Socks, White

Featuring extra traction and non-slip soles, these latex socks help protect sensitive feet from pool floors, infections, sand and more.

Sizes available.

Our Price: 7.95
WIN Coloured Swim Socks WIN Coloured Swim Socks

Featuring extra traction and non-slip soles, these latex socks help protect sensitive feet from pool floors, infections, sand and more.

Sizes available.

Our Price: 7.95
Finis Swim Parachute Finis Swim Parachute

The Swim Parachute is made up of a comfortable, adjustable nylon belt, which is connected to a durable parachute.

Our Price: 39.95
TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt

The TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt  features ergonomically designed Eva Foam Construction for Soft, Comfortable Use; Designed to Fit Various Body Types With an Adjustable Belt and Clip System. Great for use during Aquatic Fitness Workout Routines, Snorkeling etc.

Our Price: 32.95
Aqua Sphere Swim Eyewear Protective Case Aqua Sphere Swim Eyewear Protective Case

Protective Case helps prevent damage to your Swim Mask and Goggle.

Our Price: C$ 14.95
Sale Price: 9.97
Aqua Sphere Replacement Strap Aqua Sphere Replacement Strap

Replacement strap for your Aqua Sphere eyewear.

Our Price: 9.95
Aqua Lung Cay Sandals Aqua Lung Cay Sandals, Pair

Great sandal for water sports featuring a soft neoprene toe post and comfortable synthetic suede lining.

Our Price: 19.95
Speedo Aqua Fitness Belt Speedo Adjustable Flotation Belt

This essential aquatic fitness belt features adjustable soft foam pieces that provide vertical balance during aquatic fitness activities, snorkeling etc.

Our Price: 34.95
Speedo Swim Goggle Case Speedo Swim Goggle Case, Black/Red

Hard protective case helps prolong the life of your goggles.

Our Price: C$ 14.95
Sale Price: 9.97
Triathlon Race Timing Chip Band Nineteen Timing Chip Strap

This 19 Race Neoprene Timing Chip Band will hold your timing chip in place, so you can concentrate on your performance. Lightweight, fully adjustable velcro design. Accomodates ankle size (girth) up to 25cm.

Our Price: 6.95
Finis Pulling Ankle Strap Finis Pulling Ankle Strap

Helps build upper strength by eliminating kicking.

Our Price: 9.95
Finis Hydro Hip Finis Hydro Hip

The fin placement on each hip creates resistance which forces the swimmer to rotate their hips at the top of the stroke when the greatest amount of core strength occurs.

Training Video available here.

Our Price: 43.95
Finis Tech Toc Finis Tech Toc

The Tech Toc improves hip movements with audible feedback.

Great training video available here.

Our Price: C$ 70.00
Sale Price: 63.95
Aqua Sphere Aqua Dry Towel, Blue Aqua Sphere Aqua Dry Towel, Blue

Ultra-absorbent sports and leisure towel made from microfibre. Removes water and sweat with just one wipe and can be reused immediately after wringing out. This light and practical towel is essential kit.

Our Price: 19.95
Speedo Dragtini Training Aid Speedo Dragtini Training Aid

Introducing the Speedo Dragtini, a distance-friendly swim resistance parachute. Ideal for training longer sets with moderate resistance.

Our Price: 94.95
Swim Kik Fix Swim Kik Fix

This amazing tool to help you learn to kick properly, with more power, efficiency, and speed, all while creating less drag.

Our Price: 24.95
Finis Posture Trainer Finis Posture Trainer

The Posture Trainer promotes correct head and spine alignment, which is key to an efficient swim stroke.

Our Price: 29.95
Swim Mom License Plate Frame Swim Mom License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame for Swimmers. Dimensions 12 1/4" x 6 1/4". Durable Molded Plastic. Drop that local car dealer advertisement from around your license plate, and proclaim the passion for your sport wherever you go.

Our Price: 11.95
Finis Kick Pro Finis Kick Pro

Designed specifically for breaststroke, the Kick Pro limits the range of motion to activate outer leg muscles and engage the core, resulting in a faster, more efficient kick.

Our Price: 42.95
Speedo Out to Dry Microfiber Towel, 7753012 Speedo Out to Dry Microfiber Towel

Dry off in a flash with the ultra-absorbent Speedo Out To Dry Microfiber Towel.

Our Price: 34.95
2XU Timing Chip Strap 2XU Timing Chip Strap

Built with 100% nylon, the Timing Chip Strap comes with an adjustable velcro tab for serious security through the toughest race day demands.

Our Price: C$ 11.95
Sale Price: 9.95
Aqua Lung Baby Towel Aqua Lung Baby Towel

This Baby Towel is designed to keep both the child and parents happy with snuggly-soft terry cloth and an easy-on closure at the sides.

Our Price: 24.95
Aqua Lung Kids Swim Vest Aqua Lung Kids Swim Vest

This swim vest comes in two sizes and has multiple adjustment straps to ensure a comfortable, customized, secure fit.

Our Price: 29.95
Arena Body Dry Towel Arena Body Dry Towel

Used all around world on pool deck by the diving community. Proven to be the smartest packable towel for any sports activities.

Our Price: 27.95
Water Gear Standard Swim Goggle Strap Water Gear Standard Swim Goggle Strap

Standard silicone single strap. Simple design fits most goggles

Our Price: 3.95