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eLoad Sports Drink eLoad Sports Drink, 900g

Perfect for competing and training, eLoad Sports Drink prevents and controls heat stress by replacing sweat electrolytes and fluids as they are lost. 30 servings.

Our Price: C$ 39.99
eLoad Zone Caps eLoad Zone Caps

If your body requires more electrolyte replenishment than is found in the e load Endurance Formula Sport Drink, you will need to add more electrolyte in the form of ZONE CAPSTM X 5 Buffered Electrolyte Capsules. Bottle of 75 zone caps.

Our Price: C$ 29.95
EMEND Recovery Formula eLoad Recovery Formula, 836g

eLoad Recovery (formerly EMEND) gives your body the building blocks it needs to replace tissue that has been broken down and fuel that has been depleted - all in a tasty orange or chocolate recovery drink. 880g canister provides 40 servings - 10L (2.5 Gal.).

Our Price: C$ 49.95