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Finis Duo MP3 Player Replacement Charger Finis Duo MP3 Player Replacement charging cable

Replacement charger for the FINIS Duo underwater MP3 player. USB magnetic dock allows for universal data transfers and charging.

Our Price: C$ 27.95
Swimovate Poolmate Plus Swim Watch Swimovate Poolmate Plus Swim Watch

The PoolMatePlus contains a novel use of NFC technology to sync swim data to Android phone or tablet by briefly holding the watch to the device, no pairing needed. Included: USB pod & cable.

Our Price: C$ 187.39
Black Friday Sale: C$ 149.95
Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player

The Duo is an MP3 player designed for swimmers that offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds. Limited time: Free Latex Swim Cap with Duo purchase.

Our Price: C$ 190.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 157.95
Finis Swimming Stopwatch 3X-100M Finis Stopwatch 3X-100M, Black

This stopwatch is the durable, functional and economical choice for swim coaches and swimmers.

Our Price: C$ 79.95
Black Friday Sale: C$ 69.95
Swimovate Poolmate Live USB Download Clip Swimovate Poolmate Live USB Download Clip

Optional download clip for the Poolmate Live Swim Watch.

Our Price: C$ 44.95
SportCount Band Extender SportCount Band Extender, Black

SportCount Band Extender attaches to any SportCount to extend the band so that it can fully wrap around handlebars on a bike, motorcycle, or whatever. It is designed to help cushion and prevent rotation around the handle bars.

Our Price: C$ 9.95
Combination SportCount SportCount LCT, Blue

The New Sportcount LCT (#90010) combines lap counting and timing functionality. It is a great all-purpose training and exercise device, perfect for swimmers and joggers. It provides lap count and split times during your workout, and reports summary statistics at the end of the session.

Our Price: C$ 56.95
SportCount Lap Counter SportCount Lap Counter, Silver

The LapCounter (#90040) can be used by athletes or by anyone needing to count anything: pool laps, track laps, attendance, inventory, customers coming into a store or a theater, microbes under a microscope, etc. One hand operation makes counting easy and leaves your hands free to do other things.

Our Price: C$ 49.95
Finis Tempo Trainer Pro Finis Tempo Trainer PRO

This small, waterproof device easily secures under a swimmers cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Athletes use the beep to train smarter and discover their perfect pace. Replaceable CR1620 battery.

Our Price: C$ 75.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 64.95

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