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Modular Handle S112-Strechcordz Modular Handle S112-Strechcordz

S112 – Plastic handle, nylon webbing and a D-ring for attachment.  Single unit

Our Price: C$ 8.95
StrechCordz with Leg Straps StrechCordz with Leg Straps

The StrechCordz with Leg Straps provides resistance for dry-land leg abduction, adduction, extensions and curls to strengthen muscles and improve swim times. Also can be used in water for resisted stationary swimming.

Our Price: C$ 65.00
Sale Price: C$ 62.50
StrechCordz Modular Leg Strap, Single StrechCordz Modular Leg Strap, Single

The S1125 heavy nylon strap features a plastic D-ring attachment and adjustable Velcro® closure. Interchangeable. Tubing sold separately.

Our Price: C$ 13.95
StrechCordz® Basic Dry-Land Trainer S700 StrechCordzBasic Dry-Land Trainer

Portable 4ft exercise tubing designed for upper and lower body workouts.

Our Price: C$ 19.95
Orca SwimRun Bungee Cord Orca SwimRun Bungee Cord

Orca's Swimrun Bungee Cord that will not only keep you and your teammate together on the course but also provide extra storage options. Made up of two race belts and a 3 metre bungee cord, one fixed and one adjustable ring on each race belt allow for both attachment to your team mate as well as attaching essential Swimrun accessories so you can keep your hands free.

Our Price: C$ 42.00
Sale Price: C$ 39.95
StrechCordz Grudge Belt StrechCordz Grudge Belt

The Grudge Belt adds competition to resisted swimming for two-person tug of war, barge pulls and many other exercises. Competitive swimmers get instant feedback to continuously improve their strength (rather than waiting for the lap time).

Our Price: C$ 79.95
StrechCordz Breaststroke Machine, S108 StrechCordz Breaststroke Machine

The Breastroke machine strengthens muscles and increases power through outward and inward sweep exercises. Attaches to a diving board, fence, rail or any stationary object.

Our Price: C$ 79.95
Finis Technique Training Belt Finis Technique Training Belt

The Technique Training Belt is specifically designed to promote good stroke technique in all aspects of your swimming.

Our Price: C$ 54.95
Finis Drag+Fly Finis Drag+Fly

The Drag+Fly™ adjustable swim chute offers the latest in resistance training technology. The Drag+Fly™ is sleek, versatile and durable, designed to maximize the power of resistance training for every fitness goal. With the advanced Resistance Zip System, users can easily adjust the level of intensity to take strength and endurance training to the next level.

Our Price: C$ 119.95
Sale Price: C$ 99.95
StrechCordz Modular Paddle, Single StrechCordz Modular Paddle, Single

Interchangeable plastic paddle. Features plastic paddle and D-ring attachment. Interchangeable.

Our Price: C$ 13.95
StrechCordz Knee Elastic StrechCordz Knee Elastic

Used in-water to control knee position during breaststroke kick and assists with recovery to groin injuries.

Our Price: C$ 19.95
StrechCordz Ankle Elastic StrechCordz Ankle Elastic

Used in-water with pull buoys for pull sets to control ankle position during kicks.

Our Price: C$ 15.95
Finis Kick Pro Finis Kick Pro

Designed specifically for breaststroke, the Kick Pro limits the range of motion to activate outer leg muscles and engage the core, resulting in a faster, more efficient kick.

Our Price: C$ 54.95
StrechCordz 20" Short Belt Extension, Belt StrechCordz 20" Short Belt Extension, Belt

Provides additional length extensions to the Short Belt waistbelt. Adds an additional 20 inches (50cm) to the Short Belt. (Fits up to a 66-in waist (1.6m).

Our Price: C$ 17.95
StrechCordz Short Belt Adjustable Extension StrechCordz Short Belt Adjustable Mounting Extension

Use with StrechCordz Short Belt when a mounting device is not in close proximity to the pool. Provides a 6-ft (1.8 m) length of webbing to reach fence, posts or other stationary objects. Not interchangeable.

Our Price: C$ 17.95
StrechCordz Safety Short Belt StrechCordz Safety Short Belt

Used for push-off and stationary swimming in small backyard or hotel pools. Training with the Short Belt enhances endurance and strength for all swimmers. Nylon Safety Cord throughout the length of the tube.

Our Price: C$ 64.95
Swim Kik Fix Swim Kik Fix

This amazing tool to help you learn to kick properly, with more power, efficiency, and speed, all while creating less drag.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Speedo Dragtini Training Aid Speedo Dragtini Training Aid

Introducing the Speedo Dragtini, a distance-friendly swim resistance parachute. Ideal for training longer sets with moderate resistance.

Our Price: C$ 94.95
Longbelt Slider Padded Replacement Belt Longbelt Slider Padded Replacement Belt

Features neoprene padded adjustable belt that fits up to a 48-in (1.2m) waist.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
StrechCordz Stationary Swim Trainer StrechCordz Stationary Swim Trainer

Designed for in-place resistance swim training while using lane lines, to train for proper hip rotation; critical to stroke efficiency.

Our Price: C$ 64.95
Aqua Sphere Resistance Cords Aqua Sphere Resistance Cords

Versatile resistance training system for use in and out of the water. Comes with ankle wraps for lower body exercises and neoprene handles for an upper body workout.

Our Price: C$ 34.95
Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer

Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer turns any backyard pool into a lap pool. Comfortable Neoprene straps with Velcro closures connect to your feet and ankles to allow you perpetually swim in a fixed position.

Our Price: C$ 34.95
Sale Price: C$ 29.97
StrechCordz Deluxe Modular Set StrechCordz Modular Set

Use this portable set almost anywhere for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, proper hip rotation, stroke efficiency and more.

Options available.

Our Price: C$ 125.00
Sale Price: C$ 109.95
StrechCordz Kick Trainer StrechCordz Kick Trainer

Adds resistance to legs during kick sets. Assists ankle recovery from breaststroke kick and adds resistance to abdominal muscles during dolphin kick.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
StrechCordz with Handles StrechCordz with Handles

The original dryland training device, used for curls, tricep extensions, flies and lat pulls to enhance speed, endurance and swim stroke. Includes two, 4-ft (1.2 m) dedicated tubes with handles and combination mounting loop.

Our Price: C$ 62.95
Finis Swim Parachute Finis Swim Parachute

The Swim Parachute is made up of a comfortable, adjustable nylon belt, which is connected to a durable parachute.

Our Price: C$ 44.95
StrechCordz with Paddles StrechCordz with Paddles

Best selling dryland resistance product designed to emulate a swimming pull, StrechCordz with Paddles, improves IM times and trains swimmers to keep their hands in a flat, relaxed position. Used by the U.S. Olympic Swim Team and swimmers worldwide.

Our Price: C$ 74.95
Finis Dryland Cord Finis Dryland Cord

Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training and conditioning. The Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles.

Three Resistance Levels: Yellow Webbing - Light Resistance, Green Webbing- Medium Resistance, Red Webbing- Heavy Resistance.

Our Price: C$ 44.95
Finis Ultimate Drag Suit Finis Ultimate Drag Suit

Elevate resistance training with the Ultimate Drag Suit. This universal fit drag suit is designed with drag cups integrated into the suit, which increases resistance while swimming.

Our Price: C$ 54.95
Sale Price: C$ 39.95
StrechCordz Safety Long Belt Slider StrechCordz Safety Long Belt Slider

Improved for safety and comfort, the Long Belt Slider is StrechCordzs #1 in-water resistance product. Used for resisted swim out and speed-assisted swim back exercises.

Options available.

Our Price: C$ 109.95
StrechCordz Drag Belt Replacement Chute StrechCordz Drag Belt Replacement Chute

Replacement Chute for StrechCordz Drag Belt/Tow Tether.

Our Price: C$ 15.95
StrechCordz Drag Belt / Tow Tether StrechCordz Drag Belt / Tow Tether

Designed for long swim resistance training, the Drag Belt/Tow Tether increases endurance and strength in all swimmers. The drag chute is compatible with flip turns. This unique design provides resistance with drag chute (included).

Options available.

Our Price: C$ 44.95