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Blueseventy Webbed Swim Gloves Blueseventy Swim Gloves

All the benefits of resistance training while preserving hand dexterity. Snug fit neoprene protects you against the cold water. Comes in 2 sizes: Small and Large.

Our Price: C$ 42.00
Sale Price: C$ 34.95
Speedo Aquatic FItness Gloves Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves, Pair

Neoprene glove with webbed fingers features a rubber palm. Provides increased propulsion through the water.

Our Price: C$ 29.95
AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves, Black Aqua Sphere Hydro Gloves, Pair

Made of durable neoprene, these gloves have an adjustable Velcro wrist strap and add resistance to your water workout.

Our Price: C$ 19.95
Aqua Sphere Webbed Swim Gloves Aqua Sphere Webbed Swim Gloves, Blue

The Aqua Sphere Webbed Swim Gloves are a great combination of warmth and speed. Made of 1mm neoprene, they are designed to increase resistance and build strength.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves, Black AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves, Black

Webbed Pro gloves add intensity to upper body movements. These gloves work very well for swimming style arm exercises, as well as arm motions during water running and cross-country skiing. First glove to feature new anti-microbial polyolefin fabric. Durable, long lasting stretch material fits like a second skin. Vary intensity by cupping or flexing the webbed fingers.

Our Price: C$ 29.95
Aqua X Training Power Glove, Pair Aqua X Training Power Glove, Pair

Surface Articulated Foam provides Resistance. Comfortable Neoprene Construction. Mesh Zones accelerate Drying.

Our Price: C$ 45.95