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XLAB Turbo Wing System XLAB Turbo Wing System

Includes one Black Turbo Wing and 2 XLAB Cages, plus optional Mini Bag and CoolShot waterbottles. Final price depends on options selected and is shown in cart.

Our Price: C$ 266.00
Spring Sale: C$ 259.95
XLAB Mini Wing 105 XLAB Mini Wing 105

The Mini Wing 105 is an exceptional value that fits road, mountain and aero seat posts. The kit includes two X Lab mounts, and two Xenon cages.

Our Price: C$ 105.00
Spring Sale: C$ 95.00
XLAB Delta Wing 105 XLAB Delta Wing 105

The Delta Wing mounts on the saddle rails for no measurable drag. Option XLAB Cool Shot Insulated Waterbottle.

Our Price: C$ 90.00
Spring Sale: C$ 86.99
XLAB Starter Kit XLAB Starter Kit

Includes 1 XLAB Torpedo 50 + 1 XLAB Stealth 100 Stem Bag + 1 XLAB Nanoflator. Co2 Cartridges not included.

Our Price: C$ 158.00
Spring Sale: C$ 117.00
JAWS SloshLFC & BC Cleaner JAWS SloshLFC & BC Cleaner, 4oz

SloshLFC is the perfect cleaning solution for products such as BC bladders & hoses, drinking bladders & hoses, water bottles & more.

Our Price: C$ 10.00
Spring Sale: C$ 8.99
XLAB Super Wing Package XLAB Super Wing Package

Includes the following items: one XLAB Super Wing, 2 Gorilla Cages, Speedchuck, 1 Mini Bag and 1 Mezzo Bag. CO2 cartridges not included.

Our Price: C$ 454.78
Spring Sale: C$ 399.99
XLAB Delta Wing 200 XLAB Delta Wing 200

The Delta Wing mounts on the saddle rails for no measurable drag. May be used to refill a front drink system. Waterbottle not included.

Our Price: C$ 136.00
Spring Sale: C$ 129.99
XLAB Turbo Wing Package XLAB Turbo Wing Package

Includes one XLAB Turbo Wing, 2 Gorilla Cages, 1 Mini Bag, 1 Nanoflator.

Our Price: C$ 399.89
Spring Sale: C$ 349.00
XLAB’s Rear Hydration Systems and over 20 accessories provide race proven solutions for any Triathlete. Their Wind Tunnel tested ‘Optimal Airstream Position’provides the lowest drag and their legendary Gorilla cages are sought after by anyone wishing to keep their rear bottles in place.