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Chili's Dropkick Sunglasses Chili's Dropkick Sunglasses, Black/Smoke

Medium Fit. These sporty Chilis Sunglasses keep out the elements so you can perform at your best.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Chili's Microfiber Lens Cleaner Chili's Microfiber Lens Cleaner

Chilis Microfiber Lens Cleaner helps keep your lenses in optimal condition and ensures clear visibility during your training

Our Price: C$ 4.95
Chili's Sunglasses Repair and Maintenance Kit Chili's Sunglasses Repair and Maintenance Kit

Chilis Sunglasses Repair and Maintenance Kit includes a microfiber cloth, cleaning solution and a keychain/screwdriver.

Our Price: C$ 11.00
Sale Price: C$ 9.97
We carry sunglasses and accessories by Chili's. They offer great quality and excellent value for sports enthusiasts with compromising performance. A great review is available here.