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Bonk Breaker Protein Bar Bonk Breaker Premium Protein Bar, 12-Pack Box

Premium Protein bars are made using a proprietary Bonk Breaker Protein Blend of Pasture Raised Collagen Hydrolysate and Grass Fed Whey Concentrate, with are GMO-free, gluten-free and paleo friendly. Double Fudge Brownie packs 15grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar.

Our Price: C$ 54.99
Bonk Breaker Energy Bar Bonk Breaker Energy Bar, 12-pack

.This is the best tasting energy bar you will find, because it is baked, not just cold-pressed. Certified gluten-free and dairy-free, with all the nutrients and electrolytes that you need to keep going strong.

Our Price: C$ 55.80
Sale Price: C$ 49.97
Bonk Breaker Energy Chews Bonk Breaker Energy Chews, Single Pouch (2 Servings)

Better than the rest, a pouch of Bonk Breaker Orange Tangerine Energy Chews (2 servings/pouch) gives you a blast of energy to recharge your fuel tank with clean, easy digestible & great tasting fuel.

Our Price: C$ 4.49
Bonk Breaker Energy Chews Bonk Breaker Energy Chews, 5-Pouch Pack

Includes 5 Pouches of Bonk Breaker Chews.

Our Price: C$ 22.45
Sale Price: C$ 21.99