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Orca Men's 226 Perform Swimskin 2021 Orca Men's 226 Perform Swimskin

Designed for warm races where the use of wetsuits is not allowed, the 226 Perform Swimskin offers you the support you need in order to improve your hydrodynamics. With a slim fit that isn't restrictive, this suit focuses on the athlete's comfort and performance.

Our Price: C$ 325.00
Sale Price: C$ 299.95
ORCA RS1 Women's Triathlon Swimskin Orca Women's RS1 Triathlon Swimskin

When wearing a wetsuit isn’t allowed, the RS1 Swimskin is the perfect choice for added buoyancy, support and improved hydrodynamics. The completely waterproof material avoids water absorption, while minimising drag as you move through the water. In addition, the high-compression properties help you keep your core stable for longer.

Our Price: C$ 400.00
Sale Price: C$ 299.97
Blueseventy PZ4TX+ Triathlon Swim Skin Blueseventy PZ4TX+ Triathlon Swimskin

The PZ4TX+ furthers our drive to maximize performance in non-wetsuit
swims. Over a year of extensive testing with professional and amateur
athletes has produced a short sleeve version of our industry-leading PZ4
that meets the demands of the sport's elite. They were developed for our competition pool suits with
hydrophobic qualities built into the yarns.

Our Price: C$ 425.00
Sale Price: C$ 399.95
Blueseventy PZ4TX Triathlon Swim Skin Blueseventy PZ4TX Triathlon Swimskin

The PZ4TX features advanced ultrasonic welding and extensively tested fabrics offering the optimal blend of fit, compression and performance.

Our Price: C$ 390.00
Sale Price: C$ 375.00