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Zone3 Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit Zone3 Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit, Men's ML Only

The World’s fastest entry level wetsuit, inspired by our fastest ever wetsuit, the Vanquish. 220 Triathlon gave the Vision its exclusive Cutting Edge award in 2018 and commented that the suit was ‘Flexible, fast and very, very hard to fault’

Our Price: C$ 515.00
Spring Sale: C$ 349.00
Zone3 Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit 2023 Zone3 Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit

For SS23 the Aspect wetsuit has been updated with Pro-Speed wrist cuffs for easy removal, sleeker graphics and an improved construction for a longer lasting wetsuit. However, the premise is still the same. The revolutionary Aspect wetsuit allows open water swimmers to swim both breaststroke and front crawl in comfort.

Our Price: C$ 400.00
Spring Sale: C$ 349.00
2XU P:1 Propel Triathlon Wetsuit 2022 2XU P:1 Propel Triathlon Wetsuit

An all-round wetsuit that delivers many of the key technical benefits of the elite tier of the 2XU range. The inclusion of the rollbar, floating zip, SCS coating and 39 cell buoyancy paneling make the P:1 Propel a top-value wetsuit that will deliver the power needed to surpass the competition.

Our Price: C$ 420.00
Spring Sale: C$ 325.00
Zone3 Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit 2022 Zone3 Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit

Your search for the perfect breaststroke wetsuit is over. The revolutionary Aspect wetsuit is the first of its kind, allowing open water swimmers to swim both breaststroke and front crawl in comfort.

Our Price: C$ 400.00
Spring Sale: C$ 325.00
Zone3 Agile Wetsuit 2023 Zone3 Agile Wetsuit

If you’re new to open water swimming or triathlon, the Agile Wetsuit is the companion you need to keep your body warm, comfortable and supported through the beginnings of your open water journey.

Our Price: C$ 420.00
Spring Sale: C$ 325.00
Orca Openwater Core TRN Wetsuit 2022 Orca Men's Openwater Core TRN Wetsuit, Men's Small Only

Designed for the Progressive Swimmer, the Openwater Core TRN is the perfect wetsuit for swimmers who are just starting out in open water. This wetsuit features high flexibility and neutral buoyancy. The high flexibility in the shoulders makes your first workouts in open water wonderfully comfortable, while the buoyancy will keep you feeling secure.

Our Price: C$ 390.00
Spring Sale: C$ 249.00
Orca Openwater Perform FINA Wetsuit Orca Men's Openwater Perform FINA Wetsuit

Designed for the Natural Swimmer, the Openwater Perform FINA is the first Orca wetsuit with FINA certification. This wetsuit has been designed with very technically adept swimmers in mind, who are looking for the most flexibility, a neutral buoyancy and thermal insulation to compete in open water.

Our Price: C$ 550.00
Spring Sale: C$ 399.95
Orca Men's Openwater Core Swimskin 2022 Orca Men's Openwater Core Swimskin

The Openwater Core Swimskin features high visibility, flexibility in the shoulders neoprene heat retention, and buoyancy in the torso.

Our Price: C$ 240.00
Spring Sale: C$ 175.00
Orca Openwater Sleeveless Wetsuit Orca Openwater Sleeveless Wetsuit

The Openwater RS1 sleeveless wetsuit is the perfect choice for swimmers who do not need the thermal insulation of sleeves but are looking for maximum freedom when it comes to swimming.

Our Price: C$ 399.99
Spring Sale: C$ 299.95
Colting SwimRun Pants SRP03 Colting SwimRun Pants SRP03, XSmall Only

This is the perfect training aide for those who want to develop their swimming technique. For many triathlon racers and swimrun enthusiasts, swimming is their greatest weakness. Having worked and helped hundreds of people to improve their swimming technique, the question is constantly raised as to whether or not really good aides exist to help with balance, water position and to get the hips and legs up more during swimming training.

Our Price: C$ 200.00
Spring Sale: C$ 49.00
Zone3 Women's Buoyancy Shorts Zone3 Women's Buoyancy Shorts 5/3

Improve your speed and technique in the water with the Zone3 Original 5/3 mm Buoyancy Shorts. Featuring 3mm neoprene down the centre for core buoyancy and 5mm neoprene on the sides to promote hip rotation, our buoyancy shorts prevent your legs from sinking and improve the efficiency of every stroke.

Our Price: C$ 135.00
Spring Sale: C$ 99.97
Aquasphere Phantom 2.0 Triathlon Wetsuit 2021 Aquasphere Men's Phantom 2.0 Triathlon Wetsuit

The enhanced Aquasphere Phantom 2.0 provides an increased range of motion with strategically placed 1.5mm Yamamoto 40 panels and reinforced waist panels for posture support. The Phantom provides warmth, flexibility, comfort and speed.  This is Aqua Sphere's most technological wetsuit designed for the most elite athletes.

Our Price: C$ 875.00
Spring Sale: C$ 399.00
AquaSphere Racer 2.0 Wetsuit AquaSphere Racer 2.0 Wetsuit, Small Only

The new Aquasphere Racer Wetsuit has improved ergonomic cutting and strategically placed 1.5 mm Yamamoto 40 panels, the Racer provides the best fit for comfort, warmth and speed.

Our Price: C$ 649.99
Spring Sale: C$ 299.97
Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit

Swimrun Core is a wetsuit specifically designed for swimrun competitions, as it can be adapted to the needs runners or swimmers. A lightweight wetsuit, which will provide you with the thermal insulation and performance you will need for your first swimrun races.

Our Price: C$ 330.00
Spring Sale: C$ 275.00
Orca Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit Orca Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit, Women's Small Only

Designed for the Total Swimmer, the Sonar is the complete package, the crème de la crème of wetsuits. The most versatile suit in our range, most of the triathlete community will find it fits their budget and technical requirements. Ideal for swimmers looking for the perfect balance between flexibility and buoyancy, this wetsuit has both right where you need them: Buoyancy in the lower body and flexibility up top.

Our Price: C$ 650.00
Spring Sale: C$ 399.00
2XU Swim Run SR1 Wetsuit 2XU Men's SwimRun SR1 Wetsuit, S & M Only

Designed for SwimRun, the exciting new endurance sport taking the world by storm, The SR: Pro-SwimRun SR1 Wetsuit is engineered with the world's most flexible, closed-cell neoprene. The SR:PRO-SwimRun SR1 Wetsuit doesn't stop there, with flexibility through the hips and legs, speed and buoyancy through the water,and abrasion resistance to withstand transitions and more. Features a large rear pocket for holding race essentials.

Our Price: C$ 325.00
Spring Sale: C$ 249.95
2XU Propel Pro Triathlon Wetsuit 2022 2XU Men's Propel Pro Triathlon Wetsuit

The Propel Pro was built for strong swimmers to swim faster, harder and better. Featuring the most flexible 45 Cell neoprene and incorporating panels and added technology that will shave seconds in the water and transition.

Our Price: C$ 950.00
Spring Sale: C$ 599.00
Orca 3/4 Neoprene Shorts Orca 3/4 Neoprene Shorts, XL & XXL Only

Orca's Neoprene 3/4 Short is a buoyant swim short to wear on it's own, or to add extra buoyancy under your wetsuit. With an 8mm Yamamoto 39cell SCS coated neoprene front panel, and a 6mm back panel and a 56cm inseam, this neoprene short provides you with the buoyancy you need to be in the best swimming position. Super flexible 3mm side panels provide freedom of movement and promote correct body rotational form.

Our Price: C$ 175.00
Spring Sale: C$ 157.00