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TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt

The TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt  features ergonomically designed Eva Foam Construction for Soft, Comfortable Use; Designed to Fit Various Body Types With an Adjustable Belt and Clip System. Great for use during Aquatic Fitness Workout Routines, Snorkeling etc.

Our Price: C$ 32.95
TYR Stationary Swim Belt TYR Aquatic Resistance Belt

The stationary swim belt is engineered for swim training and aquatic fitness routines. Designed for backyard, hotel and public/private pool use, the Stationary Swim Belt features a Cam Lock buckle for easy and secure adjustment that prevents slippage and ensures stability.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Ergo Belt Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Ergo Belt

Aqua Sphere Ergo Belt helps maintain a buoyant vertical position in the water while performing an aquatic fitness workout. The Ergo Belt is ideal for full, upper, or lower body workouts. Use in conjunction with Side Floats to add further buoyancy stability.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Aqua Sphere Aqua Exercise Starter Kit Aqua Sphere Aqua Exercise Starter Kit

Includes Multi Belt and Ergo Bells.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Speedo Aqua Fitness Belt Speedo Adjustable Flotation Belt

This essential aquatic fitness belt features adjustable soft foam pieces that provide vertical balance during aquatic fitness activities, snorkeling etc.

Our Price: C$ 34.95
AquaJogger Sqoodle, 3" x 64" AquaJogger Sqoodle, 3" x 64"

The noodle workout is the latest rage in water fitness, and AquaJogger takes it to the next level with the Sqoodle (square noodle) . More buoyancy for more support and more resistance than other noodles. The Sqoodle is one durable, comfortable, and Innovative Noodle.

Our Price: C$ 44.95
Aqua Sphere Aqua-X Training Belt Aqua Sphere Aqua-X Training Belt

Flotation belt provides stability for cardiovascular exercise and core strength.

Our Price: C$ 59.95