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TYR Pull Float TYR Pull Float

By immobilizing the swimmers legs, the TYR Pull Float is the perfect training device to develop upper body and arms. It is constructed of 6" EVA foam and white and blue laminate.

Click here for a great training video! Colours available.

Our Price: C$ 20.95
Aqua Sphere Ergo Buoy Aqua Sphere Ergo Pull Buoy

The Ergobuoy from Aqua Sphere replaces your traditional pull buoy and is a great training tool for working your core upper body when swimming and will immobilize your legs to create drag.

Our Price: C$ 29.95
Zoggs Kick Buoy, Blue Zoggs Kick Buoy, Blue

Designed for optimum buoyancy, the Zoggs kick buoy can be used as a kickboard or pull buoy. Lightweight and compact. Made of durable EVA foam. Dimensions: 11" x 9.5" x 2.5" (28 x 24 x 6cm).

Our Price: C$ 29.95
Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins Aqua Sphere Swim Training Package

Include one pair of Alpha Fins, one Ergo Pull Buoy and one pair of Aqua Sphere Ergo Paddles.

Our Price: C$ 93.85
Sale Price: C$ 85.00
Finis Pulling Ankle Strap Finis Pulling Ankle Strap

Helps build upper strength by eliminating kicking.

Our Price: C$ 9.95
Finis Pull Buoy, Yellow/Black Finis Pull Buoy Sr, Yellow/Black

Helps develop upper body strength and proper alignment in the water during your workout. The buoy is held between the legs to neutralize the kicking motion and increase upper body strength.

Our Price: C$ 20.95
Sale Price: C$ 19.97
Water Gear 2-Piece Soft Pull Buoy, White/Blue Water Gear 2-Piece Soft Pull Buoy

High buoyancy, adjustable 2 piece soft pull buoy.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Finis Axis Buoy Finis Axis Buoy, Yellow

With ergonomic keyholes and a contoured design, the Finis Axis Buoy can function as both an ankle float and a leg buoy.

Our Price: C$ 34.95
Speedo Team Pull Buoy, 7753023 Speedo Team Pull Buoy

Helps develop upper body strength and promotes good upper body positioning. Made of soft durable EVA foam.

Our Price: C$ 16.95
Swimming Kickboard and Pull Buoy Speedo Adult Kickboard + Pull Buoy Package, Blue

Includes one Speedo Team Kickboard and one Pull Buoy.

Our Price: C$ 41.90
Sale Price: C$ 39.95
Speedo Team Swim Pull Buoy, Junior, 7753025 Speedo Team Swim Pull Buoy, Junior

Helps develop upper body strength and promotes good upper body positioning. Made of soft durable EVA foam.

Our Price: C$ 15.95
Arena Swim Keel, 1E358-55 Arena Swim Keel

A kickboard and pull buoy all-in-one. Lightweight and small size makes it perfect for travelling to competitions.

Our Price: C$ 44.95
Aqua Sphere P2K (Push-Pull-Kick) Aqua Sphere P2K (Push-Pull-Kick)

Versatile product can be used as a kickboard, pull buoy, or resistance trainer.

Our Price: C$ 21.95
Finis Kickboard + Pull Buoy Package Finis Kickboard + Pull Buoy Package

Includes one Finis Team Kickboard and one Pull Buoy.

Our Price: C$ 46.90
Sale Price: C$ 44.97
Swimming Kickboard and Pull Buoy for Children Finis Junior Team Kickboard + Pull Buoy Pack

Includes one Finis Junior Kickboard and one Junior Pull Buoy.

Our Price: C$ 36.90
Sale Price: C$ 34.95
Water Gear Pull Float Water Gear Pull Float

Durable one piece construction. Comes in 2 sizes.

Our Price: C$ 14.95
Arena PullKick Pro, 1E356 Arena PullKick Pro

A revolutionary swim training tool for professional swimmers, Pullkick Pro is a kickboard and pull buoy all in one.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Zoggs Pull Buoy Zoggs Pull Buoy, Blue/Grey

Four layered contoured one piece Pull-Buoy. Shaped for good water flow around the legs and offers optimum buoyancy. When used as part of a regular training program Pull Buoys help strengthen and tone the upper body.

Our Price: C$ 21.95
Arena Pull Kick, 95010 Arena Pull Kick

The Arena Pullkick is an ingenious 2-in-1. A training aid that combines the design or a pullbuoy and a board, allowing swimmers to use it as either. This means they can either train their arms first and then, straight afterwards, their legs or the other way round.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
Orca SwimRun Bungee Cord Orca SwimRun Bungee Cord

Orca's Swimrun Bungee Cord that will not only keep you and your teammate together on the course but also provide extra storage options. Made up of two race belts and a 3 metre bungee cord, one fixed and one adjustable ring on each race belt allow for both attachment to your team mate as well as attaching essential Swimrun accessories so you can keep your hands free.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy

A classic piece of equipment, this pull float gives your legs a rest and allows you to concentrate on stroke mechanics and arm strengthening exercises.

Our Price: C$ 13.95
TYR Inflatable Pull Float, LINFLTPF TYR Inflatable Pull Float

Take your training on the go with the TYR Pull Float. As the ideal training tool for traveling swimmers, this pull buoy occupies 95% less space in your bag or backpack than a traditional pull float. With a one-way quick inflation valve, this state of the art product prevents air leak during inflation. In addition, it maintains the same buoyancy as the TYR Classic Pull Float, so athletes can rest assured they are getting the best workout possible

Our Price: C$ 31.95