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elete Electrolyte Add-in Pocket Bottle, 1 oz elete Electrolyte Add-in Pocket Bottle, 1oz

Elete is a powerful electrolyte concentrate you add to water. When taken with the recommended amount of water, Elete instantly creates an isotonic beverage that replaces valuable electrolytes and fluids, and directs them where they are most needed by the body. Elete powers rapid hydration, supports performance, endurance and recovery. Helps prevent muscle cramps caused by low or imbalanced levels of electrolytes. 1 oz.

Our Price: C$ 8.95
Hammer Pill Dispenser Hammer Pill Dispenser, 2-Pack

Includes 2 Hammer Pill Dispensers.

Our Price: C$ 7.90
Sale Price: C$ 6.95
Hammer Pill Dispenser Hammer Pill Dispenser

This plastic tubes are about as simple as it gets for keeping your salt tablets dry and accessible. These fit comfortably in any jersey, race top or in your hand. The tube is clear so you will know exactly what is in there at all times. Easy flip top. Use these to carry your supplements or powder mix.

Our Price: C$ 3.95

elete Electrolyte Add-in