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Human Gear GoToob Human Gear GoToob, 1.25oz / 37ml, 3-Pack

For your energy gels. Maybe also be used for travel, camping, or for toiletry items like shampoo and conditioner. 1.25 fl oz / 37ml.

Our Price: C$ 25.00
Sale Price: C$ 14.97
Zoot Waterbottle Zoot Waterbottle, Black/White

Need a new bottle? how about this cooler graphite 21 ounce capacity lightweight and durable Zoot water bottle. Fits all standard cages. 21oz/621ml,

Our Price: C$ 12.95
Sale Price: C$ 9.95
Speedfil Replacement Bottle Speedfil Replacement Bottle

Replacement bottle for the Speedfill Hydration System.

Our Price: C$ 42.95
Hammer Canada Shaker, Red, 800ml Hammer Canada Shaker, Red, 800ml

Perfect for mixing up your Perpetuem, Recoverite, and protein drinks.

Our Price: C$ 9.95
Magic Ball Mixers Perfect Shaker

The Magic Ball Mixer wire whisk moves freely throughout the bottle as you shake it, mixing the thickest protein shakes, nutrition supplements, and more with ease. Perfect in the kitchen, at the office, at the gym, when you travel, or on the go.

Our Price: C$ 10.95
Hammer Pill Dispenser Hammer Pill Dispenser, 2-Pack

Includes 2 Hammer Pill Dispensers.

Our Price: C$ 7.90
Sale Price: C$ 6.95
Hammer Pill Dispenser Hammer Pill Dispenser

This plastic tubes are about as simple as it gets for keeping your salt tablets dry and accessible. These fit comfortably in any jersey, race top or in your hand. The tube is clear so you will know exactly what is in there at all times. Easy flip top. Use these to carry your supplements or powder mix.

Our Price: C$ 3.95
2XU Large Waterbottle 800ml, UQ5160g 2XU Large Waterbottle 800ml

Ridged, ergonomic design makes it easy to grab and go. Fits in all Standard bottle cages. Clear side gauge lets you see the amount of water inside.

Our Price: C$ 14.95
Polar Insulated Waterbottle, White - 24oz - 710ml Polar Insulated Waterbottle, White - 24oz / 710ml

Cold or hot, this insulated water bottle keeps your drink just right!

Our Price: C$ 14.95
Sale Price: C$ 13.95
Hammer Flask Hammer Nutrition Flask

Best used with our tasty Hammer Gel. BPA free. Holds 5 oz.

Our Price: C$ 5.95
SaltStick Mini Dispenser SaltStick Mini Dispenser

Holds 3 SaltStick capsules. Stick will last 1.5-3hr. Turn the front knob with one hand and out pops a capsule!

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Our Price: C$ 29.95