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Early Rider Lite Natural Early Rider Lite Natural

With its wide fat boy tyre, low centre of gravity, slackened headset angle, this is surely the most stable learner bike of all, as well as the coolest. Ideal for younger kids (as early as 20 months), for lighter less physical kids or for kids whom speed is a real priority.

Our Price: C$ 265.00
Sale Price: C$ 229.00
Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player

The Duo is an MP3 player designed for swimmers that offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds. Limited time: Free Latex Swim Cap with Duo purchase.

Our Price: C$ 180.00
Sale Price: C$ 159.95
Finis Neptune Waterproof MP3 Player Finis Neptune + Charger Package

Includes one Finis Neptune Player and one Wall Charger

Our Price: C$ 269.95
Sale Price: C$ 223.97
Park Tool AK-2 Advanced Mechanic Bike Tool Kit Park Tool AK-2 Advanced Mechanic Bike Tool Kit

Designed specifically for the home mechanic who wants the best, the AK-2 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit is a special collection of our finest tools, all housed in a tough toolbox. The AK-2 includes over 40 tools to work on a wide variety of current model bikes. A great set of carefully chosen tools a mechanic should not be without.

Our Price: C$ 449.99
Sale Price: C$ 409.95
Park Tool WTK-2 Essential Tool Kit Park Tool WTK-2 Essential Tool Kit

Designed for the casual cyclist, the economical WTK-2 contains the tools needed for many basic adjustments and repairs at home or on the road.

Our Price: C$ 34.95
Sale Price: C$ 29.95