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AquaSphere Challenger Wetsuit 2015 AquaSphere Challenger Wetsuit

The Aqua Sphere Challenger Wetsuit is designed to offer exceptional levels of both performance and comfort. Packed with high tech features, this suit is manufactured from Yamamoto #39 Neoprene to reduce drag, and maintain durability and flexibility.

Our Price: C$ 399.95
Sale Price: C$ 249.95
2XU R:3 Triathlon Wetsuit 2016 2XU R:3 Women's Race Triathlon Wetsuit

The 2XU R series wetsuit features Yamamotos latest neoprene technology. Together with propriety features from 2XU including Concave Water Entrapment Zones (CWEZ) on the forearm, Rollbar, Floating Zip Panels and Velocity Strakes, the R:3 is truly world class. Added performance specs include 1.5mm Underarm/Shoulder Paneling for maximum flexibility and a 4.5mm Front Buoyancy Panel.

Our Price: C$ 429.95
Sale Price: C$ 299.95
2XU V:3 Triathlon Wetsuit 2016 2XU V:3 Velocity Triathlon Wetsuit

Incorporating 2XUs Intermediate Zone Stretch (IZS) panels for increased flexibility, the super slick V:3 takes the highly acclaimed V:2 to even greater heights. Propriety 2XU features include Velocity Strakes for improved hydrodynamics and increased forward motion plus Concave Water Entrapment Zones on the forearm for greater pull.

Our Price: C$ 639.95
Sale Price: C$ 399.95
Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit 2017 Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit

The Aspire is one of the highest rated wetsuits of the last decade winning a wide range of industry awards. It is made with 100% Yamamoto materials for maximum comfort and performance. The unique design makes it fast, smooth and allows a natural feeling swim.

Our Price: C$ 599.95
Zoot Z Force 3.0 Wetsuit 2016 Zoot Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit

All new, the Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless wetsuit has been upgraded with a new chest panel design for great flexibility and a more evenly balanced feel. GLIDEflex grooved panels to increase stretch for maximum lung expansion, shoulder rotation and shoulder extension.

Our Price: C$ 349.95
Sale Price: C$ 249.95
Zoot Z Force 3.0 Wetsuit 2016 Zoot Z Force 3.0 Wetsuit

Designed with Yamamoto Cell 39, the Z Force 3.0 is an exceptionally comfortable high performance wetsuit.

Our Price: C$ 440.00
Sale Price: C$ 299.95
De Soto T1 Inviscid Wetshort De Soto T1 Inviscid Wetshort

The Inviscid Wetshort is a Wetsuit Short. It is a great training tool for slow swimmers, but very effective even for elite swimmers. You will feel a lift of the hips and reap the buoyancy one might normally get with a pull-buoy, but with the ability to kick and properly use the legs to propel torso rotation.

Our Price: C$ 170.00
Sale Price: C$ 129.95
Zoot Z Force 5.0 Wetsuit 2016 Zoot Z Force 5.0 Wetsuit

The Z Force 5.0 provides unmatched performance in a comfortable wetsuit. Featuring SCS Nano, which is the most hydrodynamic and durable wetsuit coating available for less drag and more speed; Confluence Fluid Design for less resistance against the arm; and Zoot's proprietary kick design, helps your legs stay in the natural body position to kick.

Our Price: C$ 610.00
Sale Price: C$ 399.95
Blueseventy Core Shorts Blueseventy Core Shorts

Built with the same top of the line materials as the award winning Helix, the core short is designed to simulate the lift of a wetsuit resulting in a seamless adjustment to swimming on race day. Limited time: add a Latex Swim Cap at no charge.

Our Price: C$ 148.00
Sale Price: C$ 129.97
Blueseventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit 2016 Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit

Every aspect of this suit is designed for high performance without sacrificing comfort. Since its introduction in 2006 the Reaction has helped more athletes accomplish their goals than any other wetsuit.

Our Price: C$ 665.00
Sale Price: C$ 499.97
Blueseventy Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit Blueseventy Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit

Every aspect of this suit is designed for high performance without sacrificing comfort. Since its introduction in 2006 the Reaction has helped more athletes accomplish their goals than any other wetsuit.

Our Price: C$ 415.00
Sale Price: C$ 299.95
Blueseventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuit 2017 Blueseventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuit

The Fusion provides everything you need when it comes time to take your open water swimming to the next level. A fantastic fit, a design with a buoyancy emphasis in the legs and top neoprene. Built to be comfortable and promote downhill swimming, the Fusion allows you to concentrate on your stroke, not the suit.

Our Price: C$ 455.00
Sale Price: C$ 364.95
Zone3 Vision Wetsuit 2017 Zone3 Vision Wetsuit

The Vision wetsuit offers a performance focused design but at an entry level price point. It features a one piece shoulder panel for high levels of comfort and flexibility. Great looking suit with full Speedflo coating for drag reduction.

Our Price: C$ 439.95
Orca HeatSeeker Vest Orca HeatSeeker Vest

The latest generation Orca Heatseeker Vest is a thermal base layer designed to be worn under a wetsuit in cold water to increase your warmth in the water. It can provide an additional barrier against wind chill in any type of outdoor water sports.

Our Price: C$ 84.95
Orca Neoprene Shorts Orca Neoprene Shorts

If you're looking for a buoyant swim short to wear on its own, or to add extra buoyancy under your wetsuit whilst promoting correct body rotational form.

Our Price: C$ 129.95
Zoot Z Force 3.0 WetZoot 2013 Zoot Z Force 3.0 WetZoot, Women's XSmall

Slip into Zoot's Z Force 3.0 WetZoot and feel the excellent comfort, flexibility and buoyancy that will have you powering your way to a stellar open water swim performance.

Our Price: C$ 349.95
Sale Price: C$ 125.00
Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit 2017 Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit

Orca's Swimrun Core wetsuit offers a great value option for swim run race events that will give you the flexibility required for the swim, while not compromising on the freedom of movement and storage that is essential for the run.

Our Price: C$ 300.00
Sale Price: C$ 279.95