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T Mat Pro Triathlon Transition Mat T Mat Pro Triathlon Transition Mat, Solid

T Mat Pro Triathlon Neoprene Transition Mat helps keep your feet clean and dry. Great way to mark and locate your transition spot.

Colours available.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
Zoot Ultra Tri Bag 2018 Zoot Ultra Tri Bag 2.0

Zoots newest Ultra Tri Bag is a must! Surprisingly light weight, this durable triathlon-specific bag meets the demands of the toughest triathletes.

Our Price: C$ 170.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 139.97
De Soto Transition Pack VII De Soto Transition Pack VII

Transition Pack V7 has more stiffness on the side panels so it easier to use, a cleaner interior so it is easier to see inside, and a spine pocket that rests against your back to hold valuables or quick-access things.

Our Price: C$ 190.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 125.00
Zoot Sport Pack 2.0, Z1502003010 2018 Zoot Sport Pack 2.0

The Zoot Performance Sport Pack 2.0 is the perfect bag for your morning swim or afternoon run. Carry your fins, paddles and goggles in this lightweight bag, or your running shoes, shorts, and top. The Performance Sport Pack was engineered to withstand the tough demands of all athletes.

Our Price: C$ 49.95
Louis Garneau Trizone 40 Transition Backpack Louis Garneau Trizone 40 Transition Backpack

This transition bag holds all your race-day essentials thanks to a multitude of compartments and a flat bottom panel to keep its shape.

Our Price: C$ 119.95
Speedo Teamster Backpack 35L Speedo Teamster 35L Large Backpack

Speedos iconic 35L "swimmers go-to" backpack. Classic shape and styling of the Speedo Team Pro backpack with new and improved materials, and a quality addition, like an offset raised laptop sleeve to protect corners. Removable dirt bag keeps wet and dirty items away from electronics and clean clothes. Limited time: get a Latex Swim Cap for $1 (Regular $3.95-$4.95).

Our Price: C$ 79.95
Black Friday Sale: C$ 69.96
Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Backpack Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Backpack

Our Speedo Ventilator series of bags are perfect for use around the water, but so practical, lightweight and useful, they are ideal for any purpose. Quick drying and strong enough for all your training and miscellaneous gear, these are the perfect bags to load and go. 24" x 17".

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Speedo Triclops Triathlon Backpack Speedo Triclops Triathlon Backpack

Speedos Tri Clops Triathlon Backpack is made with strong, durable lightweight 100 denier double rip-stop nylon and features dedicated pockets for running and cycling footwear make it easy to get what you need, when you need it.

Our Price: C$ 190.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 175.00
Ogio Endurance 9.0 Athletic Bag Ogio Endurance 9.0 Athletic Bag

Boasting 3,600 cubic inches in capacity, the Endurance 9.0 has ample space for all your Triathlon gear!

Our Price: C$ 215.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 169.95
Ogio Endurance 8.0 Athletic Bag Ogio Endurance 8.0 Athletic Bag

Pack and carry your sports, athletic, or Tri gear neatly, comfortably, and stylishly in the OGIO Endurance 8.0 Endurance Bag.

Our Price: C$ 170.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 149.95
Speedo Ventilator Mesh Backpack Speedo Ventilator Mesh Backpack

The Speedo Ventilator Mesh Packpack is a Medium sized equipment bag designed to hold all your swimming essentials. Open weave mesh for strength and quick drying. Drawstring closure keeps items together and secure in bag.

Our Price: C$ 17.95
Zoot Transition Bag 2.0, Z1502002010 2018 Zoot Transition Bag 2.0

Your perfect workout bag is here. The Performance Transition Bag 2.0 is the ideal bag for triathletes and runners in need of a functional bag. The main compartment unfolds with dual zippers for easy access and the ability to organize your gear. With an eternal mesh helmet storage pocket, take this bag along to your workout or your next race.

Our Price: C$ 89.95
Blueseventy Swim Bag Blueseventy Swim Bag

Built with a durable nylon fabric to shed water the Swim Bag features a rubberized water-resistant bottom to keep your gear dry while the ventilated wet compartment allows for faster drying of your equipment.

Our Price: C$ 95.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 79.95
Aqua Sphere Athlete's Backpack Aqua Sphere Athlete's Backpack

Engineered for athletes, the Aqua Sphere back pack has been designed to be versatile, convenient and spacious. The main compartment features a mesh organizer with an additional 4 zippered pockets, including a “wet” section to provide secure space for all your swim or triathlon gear.

Our Price: C$ 79.95
TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack III

Updated with a 20% bigger design, the Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is the perfect choice for hauling swim and workout gear. Gear not included.

Our Price: C$ 29.95
Finis Ultra Mesh Backpack Finis Ultra Mesh Backpack

Made of a durable nylon and polyester mesh, the Ultra Mesh Backpack lets air flow freely for fast drying, and includes a pull drawstring for a secure closure. The Ultra Mesh Backpack is a convenient way to store all swim equipment.

Our Price: C$ 35.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 29.97
Arena Fast Tri Backpack, 1E195 Arena Fast Tri Backpack

Heavy duty duffle-backpack. U-shape opening for easy access, with one large main compartment, a deep pocket for shoes and lateral pockets to store small items.

Our Price: C$ 199.95
Blueseventy Mesh Bag Blueseventy Mesh Bag, Black

This mesh bag is approx. 18" x 18" inches and is designed to be worn like a backpack for transporting a wetsuit, but also works great for carrying a towel, pool equipment or a change of clothes.

Our Price: C$ 14.95
Zoot Ultra Tri Carry On Bag 2017 Zoot Ultra Tri Carry On Bag

Built for the traveling triathlete, Zoot's newest Ultra Tri Carry On Bag 2.0 is a must! Surprisingly light weight, this durable triathlon-specific carry-on bag meets the demands of the toughest triathletes.

Our Price: C$ 180.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 159.97
2XU Triathlon Transition Bag 2XU Triathlon Transition Bag

Designed with exceptional durability, the 2XU Transition Bag has got enough room for everything you need. This popular travel bag features multiple zippered pockets, two side water bottle holders, and a waterproof zippered bottom pouch.

Our Price: C$ 124.95
Arena Fast Mesh Sports Bag, 1E045 Arena Fast Mesh Sports Bag

Our Fast Mesh bag is our go-to choice for a versatile sports bag. This multi-purpose solution is made of sturdy nylon mesh for use in and out of the water.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Arena Fast Mesh Sports Bag, 1E196 Arena Fast Mesh Sports Bag

Lightweight and waterproof backpack, with a simple tube-construction. Size: 18 X 33 X 68 (30 liter capacity).

Our Price: C$ 79.95
Arena Fastpack 2.1, 1E388 Arena Fastpack 2.1

The Arena Fastpack 2.1 is a large backpack specifically designed for Swimmers and triathletes.
This rucksack is ideal for taking all your swimming kit and training aids to the pool.

Our Price: C$ 109.95
Arena Fast Coach Bag, 93601 Arena Fast Coach Bag

Made using water resistant fabric, this smart laptop bag is ideal for carrying electronic devices to and from the pool. Laptop Size: 40cm x 8cm x 30cm.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Orca Transition Backpack Orca Transition Backpack, 50L, Black

Featuring a helmet pocket, wet and dry gear compartments and a handy high-contrast bright green interior makes contents easy to find. A specially designed air ventilation back makes this backpack perfect for use when riding your bike to training or a local race.

Our Price: C$ 165.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 149.95
Blueseventy Large Transition Bag Blueseventy Large Transition Bag, Black/Orange

Finally a transition pack that works!  The blueseventy transition pack includes the following features ... Read more

Our Price: C$ 135.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 117.00
Ogio Endurance 8.0 Athletic Bag Ogio Endurance 8.0 Duffle Bag

The OGIO Endurance 8.0 Duffel bag includes an oversized main compartment, a crush resistant pocket to hold valuables, an external bungee cord for helmet storage, and ventilated pockets to hold shoes and dirty clothing. Other features of this pack include a wet/dry pocket, small pockets to hold snacks, and a full sized water bottle pocket.

Our Price: C$ 165.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 125.00
De Soto Transition Pack V8 2017 De Soto Transition Pack V8

The De Soto Transition Pack V8 offers many features and compartments that are beneficial to the most organized person, but also comes in handy when you just want to pack it all up quickly and get home.

Our Price: C$ 210.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 185.00
TYR Alliance 45L Swim Backpack, LATBP45 TYR Alliance 45L Swim Backpack

A new twist on an old classic, the LATBP45 is packed with state-of-the-art features engineered for athletes on the go. With a cutting-edge space saving design, the 45L maximizes storage without the bulk.

Our Price: C$ 89.95
Finis Torque Backpack Finis Torque Team Travel Backpack

The Torque Backpack was designed with swimmers and aquatic athletes’ needs in mind. The ergonomic design sits comfortably on the shoulders and is large enough to accommodate both training and competitive events/uses.

Our Price: C$ 100.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 89.97
Finis Mesh Gear Bag Finis Mesh Gear Bag

The Mesh Gear Bag is a convenient way to store all swim equipment. The Mesh Gear Bag is made of a durable nylon mesh material that lets air flow freely for fast drying, and includes a pull drawstring that securely closes the bag. A small zip compartment safely stores smaller items such as goggles or a Tempo Trainer Pro. The Mesh Bag includes a hook attachment for easy transportation and storage. A waterproof name tag helps identify the Mesh Bag and prevent theft. Machine Washable.

Our Price: C$ 21.95
Orca Transition Bag, 70L Orca Transition Bag, 70L

The ultimate in transition bags has been built with triathletes in mind. With a pocket for everything imaginable, all within easy reach the Orca transition bag is hard-wearing and comfortable to carry.

Our Price: C$ 210.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 199.95
Orca Waterproof Backpack Orca Waterproof Backpack, 22L

The Waterproof Backpack can carry everything you need while on your bike ride, or enroute to the start line or just heading to the pool, secure in the knowledge that this bag take heavy downpours in their stride.

Our Price: C$ 150.00
Black Friday Sale: C$ 119.97
JAWS QuickPACK Drawstring Backpack JAWS QuickPACK Drawstring Backpack

When headed out for your next adventure, grab the JAWS "QuickPACK" to keep your things organized and close. This drawstring backpack is the perfect solution when a full sized backpack is too big and a plastic bag is... well a plastic bag. This full featured drawstring backpack will carry a ton of stuff (figure of speech), not to mention the external mesh pouch for hauling even more!

Our Price: C$ 16.95
Black Friday Sale: C$ 14.95
JAWS Stow-It Mesh Bag JAWS Stow-It Mesh Bag

The Stow-It mesh bag is a simple, yet cleverly designed mesh bag. It’s large enough to carry your equipment for a day of adventure yet small enough to stow anywhere. The attached mask bag is uniquely positioned to protect your mask & goggles by keeping them “On-Top” at all times. stowit can be rolled up inside its mask bag for easy and convenient stowage. Made of rugged nylon mesh, stowit allows equipment to be rinsed or dunked without removing.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Ogio X-Train 2 Backpack Ogio X-Train 2 Backpack

The X-Train 2 Backpack has everything you need to push yourself further each time, and is tough enough to keep up every step of the way.

Our Price: C$ 89.95
Arena Spiky 2 Backpack, 1E005 Arena Spiky 2 Backpack, 1E005-51

The Arena Spiky 2 backpack is designed for easy, hands-free transport of your essential swimwear and gear. With features like adjustable padded straps and back panel, this backpack wears comfortably whether you're walking or biking.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Water Gear Mesh Bag Water Gear Large Mesh Bag

Strong black mesh bag. Great for fins, balls, aqua gear or games. Zipper closure with handles. I.D. tag to write your name. Size: 24" x 30".

Our Price: C$ 29.95