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GU Hydration Drink Mix Orange, 30 Serving Canister GU Hydration Drink Mix, Quick Sale

Created for athletes whose focus is on hydration, GU Hydration Drink Mix is formulated with a blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates, providing a light-tasting and rapidly absorbing hydration drink. Best before date shown in cart.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
Sale Price: C$ 19.97
Huma Plus Energy Gel Huma Plus Energy Gel, Quick Sale

Huma Plus adds electrolytes to the original Huma Gel. Made with real food ingredients: Coconut Water, Sea Salt & Chia Seeds.

Our Price: C$ 3.75
Sale Price: C$ 0.99
Bonk Breaker Energy Chews Bonk Breaker Energy Chews, Single Pouch, Quick Sale

Better than the rest, a pouch of Bonk Breaker Orange Tangerine Energy Chews (2 servings/pouch) gives you a blast of energy to recharge your fuel tank with clean, easy digestible & great tasting fuel.

Our Price: C$ 4.49
Sale Price: C$ 1.99
Skratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix Skratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix, Single, Quick Sale

Skratch Labs' Endurance Recovery Mix is a high calorie food designed to be a very convenient way for you to consume a lot of delicious calories with an optimal ratio of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and salt to refuel and rehydrate you immediately after your longest and hardest workouts when you don’t have access to a freshly prepared meal from scratch. Best before date shown in cart.

Our Price: C$ 4.99
Sale Price: C$ 0.99
Nuun Vitamins Nuun Vitamins, Tube of 12 Tablets

Drink anytime for daily health and hydration. nuun vitamins hydrates better than water alone, so you can achieve your daily personal best.  Each tablet makes one 16 oz. drink.  Best before date shown in cart.

Our Price: C$ 9.99
Sale Price: C$ 4.99
Klean Endurance Klean Endurance, 90 Capsules, Best by 12-2019

Klean Endurance is ideal for providing athletic support as the chewable tablets contain pure, all natural D-Ribose that supports the natural way the body produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Our Price: C$ 53.00
Sale Price: C$ 10.00
Huma Energy Gel Huma Energy Gel, Quick Sale

Hüma is a great all-natural alternative to achieving the nutritional requirements of any athletic endeavor. Hüma only incorporates 100% all-natural ingredients. Best before date shown in cart.

Our Price: C$ 2.99
Sale Price: C$ 1.49
Bonk Breaker Energy Bar Bonk Breaker Energy Bar, Quick Sale

This is the best tasting energy bar you will find, because it is baked, not just cold-pressed. Add to Cart to show Best By date. Price may based on flavour/expiry date and will be shown in cart prior to purchase.

Our Price: C$ 4.59
Sale Price: C$ 0.49
Hammer Gel Jug Hammer Gel Jug, Quick Sale

Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gel mixes long-chain complex carbohydrates and essential amino acids to boost endurance and recovery. Add to Shopping Cart for Best Before date.

Our Price: C$ 30.95
Sale Price: C$ 14.97
GU Roctane GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, Quick Sale

Roctanes advanced formula amplifies GUs original Energy Gel recipe and adds new ingredients to boost your chances of success. Add to Shopping Cart for Best Before date.

Our Price: C$ 3.99
Sale Price: C$ 1.99