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Bonk Breaker Energy Bar Bonk Breaker Energy Bar, Quick Sale

This is the best tasting energy bar you will find, because it is baked, not just cold-pressed. Add to Cart to show Best By date. Price may based on flavour/expiry date and will be shown in cart prior to purchase.

Our Price: C$ 4.59
Sale Price: C$ 2.29
GU Roctane Gel Bulk Pouch GU Roctane Gel Pouch, 15-Servings, Quick Sale

Gu Roctane Gel is a quick energy boost in a convenient, easily ingested form. Add to cart to view best by date.

Our Price: C$ 39.95
Sale Price: C$ 19.97
Nuun Hydration Tablets Nuun Hydration, Orange, Tube of 12 Tablets

Original Formula. 12 tablets per tube. Best by 03/2019.

Our Price: C$ 9.99
Sale Price: C$ 4.99
GU Hydration Drink Mix GU Hydration Drink Mix, Single Stick, Quick Sale

GU Brew is naturally flavored with an ultralight taste profile for great drinkability prized by hardworking athletes. Best before date appears in cart, before checkout.

Our Price: C$ 1.99
Sale Price: C$ 0.99