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Orca Swimrun Extra Buoyancy Pad Orca Swimrun Extra Buoyancy Pad, Single

The perfect complement to your new Swimrun wetsuits. It provides the extra buoyancy you need, when placed in your external pockets or used as a replacement for the padding of your Swimrun wetsuit. This pad is designed with a low-density, high-elasticity material to provide the perfect combination of buoyancy and comfort.

Our Price: C$ 26.95
ORCA Swimrun Arm Sleeve Orca Swimrun Arm Sleeve

These neoprene sleeves, specifically designed for swimrun, allow you to grab more water, functioning like small paddles, for increased stroke performance.

Our Price: C$ 84.95
2XU P:1 Propel Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit 2019 2XU P:1 Propel Sleeveless Wetsuit

An all-round sleeveless wetsuit that delivers many of the key technical benefits of the elite tier of the 2XU range. The inclusion of the rollbar, floating zip, SCS coating and 39 cell buoyancy paneling make the P:1 Propel Sleeveless a top-value wetsuit that will deliver the power needed to surpass the competition.

Our Price: C$ 300.00
Sale Price: C$ 279.95
Zone3 SwimRun Compass & Whistle Bungee Combo Set Zone3 SwimRun Compass & Whistle Bungee Combo Set

The Zone3 Compass and Whistle combination are compulsory requirements in Swim-Run events. They come together with the Bungee cord so they can be latched on to race belts, lanyard or wetsuits.

Our Price: C$ 31.50
Sale Price: C$ 29.95
Zone3 Swim-Run Multi-use Race Belt Zone3 Swim-Run Multi-Use Race Belt

The Swim-Run belt is designed to work with all of the essential SwimRun racing aids and accessories. The attachment systems allow elastic cords to be used integrated for pull buoy mounting and easily adjusted during the race. It is also a great solution for team members to be connected to each other. There is also a lightweight mesh pocket with zip for storage and elastic webbing pouch. The materials are all durable, quick-drying and comfortable to ensure you’re fully organised in every event.

Our Price: C$ 58.50
Sale Price: C$ 54.95
Zone3 Neoprene Jammer Zone3 Neoprene Jammer

The Zone 3 Men's Neoprene Jammer Shorts are designed to aid in swim training. Constructed from high-quality 1.5mm Yamamoto neoprene with Super-Stretch lining, these shorts can be worn under or over swimwear for a whole swim session, offering buoyancy, speed, and additional warmth.

Our Price: C$ 90.00
Sale Price: C$ 84.95
Zone3 Neoprene Warmth Vest Zone3 Neoprene Warmth Vest

The Zone3 Neoprene Warmth Vest is specially designed to fit under a wetsuit. This 2mm vest has a special titanium coating, to maximise thermal stability for the athlete in extreme conditions.

Our Price: C$ 85.00
Sale Price: C$ 79.95
Orca SwimRun Bungee Cord Orca SwimRun Bungee Cord

Orca's Swimrun Bungee Cord that will not only keep you and your teammate together on the course but also provide extra storage options. Made up of two race belts and a 3 metre bungee cord, one fixed and one adjustable ring on each race belt allow for both attachment to your team mate as well as attaching essential Swimrun accessories so you can keep your hands free.

Our Price: C$ 42.00
Sale Price: C$ 39.95
Orca SwimRun Pull Buoy Orca SwimRun Pull Buoy, Black

This pull buoy is specifically designed for practicing SwimRun. Its two side straps can easily be adjusted to the leg and placed on the outside while running. When it’s time to get into the water, simply turn the buoy so it fits between your legs, to keep them from sinking. The perfect solution to compensate for the loss of speed caused by wearing shoes.

Our Price: C$ 54.00
Sale Price: C$ 49.95
Orca SwimRun Calf Guards 2019 Orca SwimRun Calf Guards, Pair

The Orca Neoprene Calf Guards give you extra buoyancy in the lower legs and avoid the need for a pull buoy which you then have to carry around for the run. Another advantage of wearing these calf guards over a pull buoy is that you're still able to kick in the swim, whilst also providing extra protection for your legs when clambering over rocks and running through undergrowth.

Our Price: C$ 70.00
Sale Price: C$ 64.95
Orca Unisex Wetsuit Base Layer Orca Unisex Wetsuit Base Layer

If you're looking for a flexible wetsuit base layer that is going to give you added warmth while you're out in the water - whether on it's own or under a wetsuit.

Our Price: C$ 79.95
Sale Price: C$ 69.95
Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit 2019 Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit

Swimrun Core is a wetsuit designed specifically for swimrun competitions that adapts to the needs of both the footrace and swimming. Extra buoyancy in the lower trunk keeps your legs on the surface while you swim, without hampering your freedom of movement during the footrace.

Our Price: C$ 300.00
Sale Price: C$ 279.95
Blueseventy Alliance SwimRun Wetsuit 2019 Blueseventy Alliance SwimRun Wetsuit

This highly anticipated suit brings together three  years of race proven testing and technical refinements. Designed to give you the edge in and out of the water, the Alliance will help you produce better swim splits and faster runs in comfort.

Our Price: C$ 325.00
Sale Price: C$ 299.95
Zone3 Men's SwimRun Evolution Wetsuit 2018 Zone3 Men's SwimRun Evolution Wetsuit

This suit is designed for both swimming and running so no kit changes are required. The suit combines a great fitting swim wetsuit but with high stretch leg panels for running & a front zip for lung expansion and breathability on the run. The wetsuit is full of innovative features and this has been recognized for the ‘Game Changer of the Year’ award held by 220Triathlon magazine. Comes with 8mm thickness calf sleeves for significant buoyancy support on the swim.

Our Price: C$ 682.50
Sale Price: C$ 495.00
Blueseventy Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit 2019 Blueseventy Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit

Updated for 2017, the Reaction Sleeveless has been improved with more flexible upper body / shoulders and new, flexible lower leg panels for quicker transitions. Our main sleeveless suit, it has unmatched arm freedom and T1 speed.

Our Price: C$ 425.00
Sale Price: C$ 399.95
Zoot Women's Wahine 1 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit Zoot Women's Wahine 1 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit

The Women's Wahine 1 Sleeveless is the perfect wetsuit for the swimmer looking for a fast sleeveless suit with incredible performance features. GLIDEflex grooved panels to allow you to fully expand your lungs. The SCS hydrodynamic finish on the chest and thighs reduces friction so you can go faster.

Our Price: C$ 305.00
Sale Price: C$ 279.95
Orca SwimRun Top Orca SwimRun Top

The Orca Swimrun Top has been designed specifically to perform in swimrun race conditions. Light weight AquaStretch fabric dries fast and provides supreme breathability - perfect for switching constantly between running and swimming.

Our Price: C$ 119.95
Sale Price: C$ 109.95
Zoot Wave 1 Sleeveless Wetsuit Zoot Wave 1 Sleeveless Wetsuit

The Men's Wave 1 Sleeveless is the perfect wetsuit for the swimmer looking for a fast sleeveless suit with incredible performance features. GLIDEflex grooved panels to allow you to fully expand your lungs. The SCS hydrodynamic finish on the chest and thighs reduces friction so you can go faster.

Our Price: C$ 305.00
Sale Price: C$ 279.95
Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit 2017 Orca SwimRun Core Wetsuit

Orca's Swimrun Core wetsuit offers a great value option for swim run race events that will give you the flexibility required for the swim, while not compromising on the freedom of movement and storage that is essential for the run.

Our Price: C$ 300.00
Sale Price: C$ 245.00
Blueseventy Sprint Sleeveless Wetsuit Blueseventy Sprint Sleeveless Wetsuit

The Sprint Sleeveless wetsuit ups the ante of what an entry-level wetsuit should be. It sets the standard for how an athlete’s first wetsuit should fit, perform and feel. Because how you feel out in the open water is everything.

Our Price: C$ 275.00
Sale Price: C$ 199.95
Orca HeatSeeker Vest 2019 Orca HeatSeeker Vest

The latest generation Orca Heatseeker Vest is a thermal base layer designed to be worn under a wetsuit in cold water to increase your warmth in the water. It can provide an additional barrier against wind chill in any type of outdoor water sports.

Our Price: C$ 81.00
Sale Price: C$ 79.95
Blueseventy Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit Blueseventy Women's Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit

Every aspect of this suit is designed for high performance without sacrificing comfort. Since its introduction in 2006 the Reaction has helped more athletes accomplish their goals than any other wetsuit.

Our Price: C$ 415.00
Sale Price: C$ 199.95
Zoot Z Force 1.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit Zoot Z Force 1.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit

The Z Force 1.0 SL wetsuit is the perfect model for the newbie triathlete with an extremely attractive price-to-performance ratio. The Z Force 1.0 is constructed with Yamomoto C38 and is coated with hydrodynamic Super Composite Skin (SCS).

Our Price: C$ 250.00
Sale Price: C$ 199.95
Aqua Lung Quantum Stretch Shorty Wetsuit Aqua Lung Quantum Stretch Shorty Wetsuit

The Aqua Lung Quantum Stretch Shorty Wetsuit offers a great affordable alternative to a full length triathlon wetsuit. May also be used for snorkeling.

Our Price: C$ 149.95
Sale Price: C$ 139.97
De Soto Unisex Extreme Sleeves De Soto Unisex Extreme Sleeves, Pair

Better than hand paddles and legal in races, use the De Soto Neoprene Swim Sleeves as a training device in the pool to increase buoyancy and surface area of your arms, to create a more efficient torso rotation.

Our Price: C$ 98.00
Sale Price: C$ 79.97
Zoot Z Force 3.0 Wetsuit Zoot Z Force 3.0 Women's Sleeveless Wetsuit

All new, the Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless wetsuit has been upgraded with a new chest panel design for great flexibility and a more evenly balanced feel. GLIDEflex grooved panels to increase stretch for maximum lung expansion, shoulder rotation and shoulder extension.

Our Price: C$ 349.95
Sale Price: C$ 195.00