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Foot Wheel by TheStick Foot Wheel by TheStick

The FootWheel was developed to soothe tired, achy feet in seconds. Great for the bottom of your feet - developed to soothe tired, achy feet in seconds. A must in the management of plantar fasciitis. Length: 4 inches or 10 cm.

Our Price: 28.95
Trigger Wheel by TheStick Trigger Wheel by TheStick

A companion to The Stick, the Trigger Wheel features a single 2" nylon wheel with a 1/4" oval treating surface. It is especially effective in areas too small or too difficult to be reached by The Stick; great for neck, traps, pecs, forearms etc. Length: 5 inches or 13 cm.

Our Price: 28.95
Stiff Stick by TheStick Stiff Stick by TheStick

Firmest of all of The Sticks. The Stiff Stick is for those who love / need deep massages; by pressing lighter, you can simulate a light massage. It is a favorite of most athletes; if you are up to 5 10" and flexible, easy to use by yourself on all major muscle groups. Length: 24 inches or 61cm.

Our Price: 61.95
Power Stick by TheStick Power Stick by TheStick

Second longest of all the Sticks. The Power Stick is for those who are taller than 5 10" or lack flexibility who want to treat all their own major muscle groups. Standard flexibility. Length: 27 inches or 68cm.

Our Price: 61.95
Hybrid Stick by TheStick Hybrid Stick by TheStick

Features a centered wheel for target application. Great for digging into the gastroc, behind the knee, neck, rhomboid and forearms. Length: 23 inches or 58 cm.

Our Price: 57.95
Travel Stick by TheStick Travel Stick by TheStick

Featuring standard flexibility, the Travel Stick is the short enough to carry while on the move. Great for portability; primarily used on legs. Length: 17 inches or 43 cm.

Our Price: 35.95
Marathon Stick by TheStick Marathon Stick by TheStick

The Marathon is ideal for long distance runners and cyclists. It is short and flexible for those who prefer light massages. Length: 20 inches or 51 cm.

Our Price: 41.95
Body Stick by TheStick Body Stick by TheStick

The Body Stick is the original Stick and the most popular model for the average build. Standard flexibility, designed for the average body mass. Length: 24 inches or 61cm.

Our Price: 54.95
Sprinter Stick by TheStick Sprinter Stick by TheStick

The Sprinter Stick is the firmest of the short Sticks, primarily used on legs and fits in most bags. Length: 19 inches or 48 cm.

Our Price: 44.95
TheStick Little Stick Little Stick by TheStick

The Little Stick is the shortest of all Sticks. It is ideal for traveling and perfect for the treatment of calves. It is highly effective in the management of growing pains and shin splints; light to medium deep massage.. Length: 14 inches or 36 cm.

Our Price: 30.95
Big Stick by TheStick Big Stick by TheStick

This is the longest of all the Sticks, for those who are taller than 5 10" or lack flexibility who want to treat all major muscle groups. Firmest of the long Sticks, which makes it the most versatile, for it allows a light to a very deep massage. Length: 30 inches or 76cm.

Our Price: 69.95
Posture Curve by TheStick Posture Curve by TheStick

Crafted to manage back and hip stiffness. It safely stretches intrinsic spine muscles - one segment at a time. A must for piriformis syndrome. 11 inches or 28cms

Our Price: 41.95
Flex Stick by TheStick Flex Stick by TheStick

Most flexible of all long models and for those who are taller than 5 10" or lack flexibility who want to treat all their own major muscle groups. For Seniors and those who prefer a light massage. 26-inches or 66cm.

Our Price: 54.95
Pet Stick by TheStick Pet Stick by TheStick

Invented for your Pet; decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of joint motion; recommended for the symptoms of canine hip dysplasia.

Our Price: 38.95