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Zoot Z Force 1.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit Zoot Z Force 1.0 Women's Sleeveless Wetsuit

The Z Force 1.0 SL wetsuit is the perfect model for the newbie triathlete with an extremely attractive price-to-performance ratio. The Z Force 1.0 is constructed with Yamomoto C38 and is coated with hydrodynamic Super Composite Skin (SCS).

Our Price: C$ 250.00
Holiday Sale: C$ 225.00

Zoot Z Force 5.0 Wetsuit Zoot Z Force 5.0 Wetsuit

The Z Force 5.0 provides unmatched performance in a comfortable wetsuit. Featuring SCS Nano, which is the most hydrodynamic and durable wetsuit coating available for less drag and more speed; Confluence Fluid Design for less resistance against the arm; and Zoot's proprietary kick design, helps your legs stay in the natural body position to kick.

Our Price: C$ 610.00
Holiday Sale: C$ 399.95

Zoot Z Force 3.0 Wetsuit Zoot Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit

All new, the Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless wetsuit has been upgraded with a new chest panel design for great flexibility and a more evenly balanced feel. GLIDEflex grooved panels to increase stretch for maximum lung expansion, shoulder rotation and shoulder extension.

Our Price: C$ 349.95
Holiday Sale: C$ 275.00