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Moji Mini Pro Massager Moji Mini Pro Massager

Freeze for an ICE massage! Travel-friendly, portable, and handheld, the Mini Massager rolls to relieve all your sore muscles, with two special spheres to perform specific functions.

Our Price: C$ 29.95
Moji Foot Pro Massager Moji Foot Pro Massager

Freeze for an ICE massage! Relieves foot pain, feels awesome and is great for Plantar Fasciitis. The Moji Foot Massager features high-tech engineered stainless steel spheres which are professional grade and travel-friendly. The spheres dig deep into muscle and tissues to relieve pain and break up scar tissue.

Our Price: C$ 49.95
Moji Curve Pro Massager Moji Curve Pro Massager

Freeze for an ICE massage! Moji Curve PRO features 4 large stainless steel freely-rotating massage spheres that offer a 360 degree massage – unlike other massagers.

Our Price: C$ 59.95