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Infinit Nutrition Cold Brew Infinit Nutrition Cold Brew

Simplicity and functionality were our focus with our newest Infinit product – Cold Brew! 21g of protein per serving, 110mg of caffeine, and only 13g of carbs come together for a perfect way to start your morning. Just mix with water and you’re out the door with a balanced drink that packs the same punch as a medium coffee from your favourite drive thru, but with the additional benefits of protein. Perfectly sweet and creamy, you’ll be craving this every morning. 25 serving bag. Mix with water, pour over ice, and you are good to go.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Infinit Nutrition Power Infinit Nutrition Power, Large

Perfect for staying hydrated and keeping energy up for high intensity workouts, like spinning and hot yoga. Only 100 calories per serving; a delicious pink lemonade flavour!

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Infinit Nutrition Rescue Infinit Nutrition RESCUE, Large

Rescue is a complete recovery product - New Zealand Whey Isolate + 3 Carbohydrates. Includes 5 g of Creatine per serving. Developed to allow strength athletes to recovery fully following the most gruelling weightlifing and metabolic conditioning workouts.

Our Price: C$ 58.95
Infinit Nutrition Run Infinit Nutrition RUN, Go! Pack

RUN uses 3 difference carbohydrates sources: sucrose, dextrose and maltodextrin to improve absorption which ultimately means more energy and key electrolytes to your muscles. Flavour: Orange.

Our Price: C$ 13.95
Sale Price: C$ 9.97
Infinit Nutrition RAW Infinit Nutrition RAW, Large

RAW protein has the strongest nutritional profile of any protein on the market. This matters to you, as it best supports growth and recovery of muscles. This feels right, but also results in the strongest amino acid profile of any protein on the market with 14.3% Leucine content. No Flavour.

Our Price: C$ 58.95
Infinit Nutrition JETFUEL Infinit Nutrition JETFUEL, Large

With Jet Fuel's low osmolality, it will ensure your calorie deficit is managed, hydration and electrolyte levels are optimized so you avoid muscle cramping and maintain optimum muscle function. Flavour Citrus Blast.

Our Price: C$ 58.95
Infinit Nutrition REPAIR Infinit Nutrition REPAIR, Large

REPAIR was created to handle all three phases of recovery: protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and re-hydration, all important in order to be full recovered for your next big effort. In a 4:1 Carb to Protein blend REPAIR packs 62 g in from 3 sources and 15 g of New Zealand Whey Isolate to drive your complete recovery. Flavour: Fruit Punch.

Our Price: C$ 58.95
Infinit Nutrition RIDE Infinit Nutrition RIDE, Large

Ride is carefully formulated to maximize calories from 3 sources of carbohydrates and New Zealand whey isolate, supply you with the right level of electrolytes while remaining isotonic (less concentrated) than your bodily fluids, ensuring it gets into your system rapidly and does so, all day long. Flavour: Lemon-Lime.

Our Price: C$ 44.95