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Cycle Ops Indoor Bicycle Trainers and Rollers

Looking to train indoor this winter? Check out our selection of bicycle trainers and rollers. We have also included some videos that show how easy it is to set them up @home.

Magnetic vs Fluid Trainers?

Magnetic Trainers use magnets to create resistance. The resistance is usually adjusted manually although the higher end models such as the CycleOps Magneto and Super Magneto Pro provide for automatic adjustment.

Fluid Trainers use a fluid chamber as a resistance mechanism. They are designed to produce a "road-like" feel while accelerating. They are generally more expensive as well. The Fluid 2 Trainer is CycleOps' most popular fluid trainer, while the JetFluid Pro provides higher end technology and a platform with increased stability.

Both Magnetic and Fluid Trainers provide quasi-silent operation, unlike the earlier "wind" trainers. They also come in different flavors that account for enhanced stability and increased performance such as the Cycle Ops Pro Series.

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Continental Hometrainer MTB Tire, 26 x 1.75, Black Continental Hometrainer MTB Tire, 26 x 1.75, Black

Thanks to its special cold-running compound, the UltraSport Hometrainer wont experience the heat buildup of a normal MTB slick. The UltraSport Hometrainer has been designed explicitly for trainers and rollers and is not suitable for road/trail use. Size 26 x 1.75 (47-559). Folding Bead. 720 grams.

Our Price: C$ 59.95
Continental Hometrainer Folding Tire, Black Continental Ultra Sport Road Trainer Tire, 700x23, Black

With a modern turbo trainer and the UltraSport Home Trainer folding tire in the house, winter can set in when it wants to. Thanks to its special cold-running compound, the Home Trainer doesnt experience the heat build up of a road tyre, nor does it suffer the tread seperation that the road tyre is prone to under the special loads occuring when cycling and braking on the rollers revolving drums.

Our Price: C$ 59.95