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Cobb Fifty Five JOF Saddle Cobb Fifty Five JOF Demo Saddle, Discontinued

Discontinued. Saddle is Green and marked as TEST.

Our Price: C$ 99.97
JCob Delta V Saddle JCob Delta V Saddle

A new name, and a new look for a saddle that has been a go-to choice for rider comfort for almost 25 years. The Delta V model will be replacing our V-flow model. The thousands of riders on these saddles have always proven that it is a great choice for anything from entry level comfort to Ironman and longer events.

Our Price: C$ 289.95
Sale Price: C$ 259.95
JCob Delta P Saddle JCob Delta P Saddle

A comprehensive redesign of one of the all-time favorites in the cycling industry, the Plus 2. The new Delta P will help you put in those long miles on the bike. This saddle was originally a spin-off of the “V” series, it has a cut down nose section specifically for the Male riders and the narrow 130mm rear width that solves upper hamstring interference issues, especially for larger riders.

Our Price: C$ 299.95
Sale Price: C$ 269.95
JCob Delta M Saddle Cobb Max Saddle JCob Delta M Saddle

The new Delta M is a redesign of the Max, often called the problem solver, that is the reference name of this saddle given by many professional bike fitters. We designed this saddle to offer a deep, wide relief channel for Men and it works very well.

Our Price: C$ 299.95
Sale Price: C$ 269.95
JCobb Type 5 Saddle JCobb Type 5 Saddle

The new Type 5 is a redesign of the COBB JOF Fifty-Five. Designed for the serious rider that has committed to a forward geometry bike.  Designed to be ridden out on the nose of the saddle, the rider just perching on the front to open his thigh angle and build big power.

Our Price: C$ 299.95
Sale Price: C$ 269.95
Cobb Rear Mount Bag Cobb Rear Mount Bag for Hydration System

Spare Bag for the Cobb Rear Mount Hydration System. Bag only. Hydration System not included.

Our Price: C$ 24.95
Sale Price: C$ 19.97
Cobb San Remo Saddle Cobb Merica Saddle

The Cobb Merica features a long narrow nose to eliminate chafing on your inner thighs and a long cutout for soft tissue pressure relief. It’s a great all ‘round road seat for high performance road riders looking for a comfort solution. Let Merica make your rides great again!

Our Price: C$ 260.00
Sale Price: C$ 219.95
Cobb San Remo Saddle Cobb San Remo Saddle

The San Remo employs a Cobb composite base tuned with a bit of flex for comfort and hollow chromoly rails. The shape is the same and it gets the same memory foam padding. The cutout bridge adds strength and stability for consistent comfort.

Our Price: C$ 260.00
Sale Price: C$ 219.95
Cobb Tenace Saddle Cobb Tenace Saddle

The Tenace features a cutout for soft tissue pressure relief. It’s a great choice for riders who employ a slightly more upright road position and for those requiring greater ischial support. A durable, lightweight, forgiving Cobb composite base and hollow chromoly rails keep the weight to a minimum so your comfort need not mean a costly sacrifice in weight.

Our Price: C$ 260.00
Sale Price: C$ 219.95
Cobb V-Flow Saddle Cobb V-Flow Saddle

In high performance road bikes or triathlon bikes, there is a large difference in the seating positions compared to a more recreational type of bicycle. In the case of a triathlon bike, the rider is rotated much more forward, riding on a completely different part of the Pelvis area. The design of the V-Flow is made to complement this style of riding with its narrower width.

Our Price: C$ 275.00
Sale Price: C$ 229.95
Cobb SHC Saddle Cobb SHC Saddle

The SHC 170 was designed for riders looking for a narrow nose width while still having long distance comfort. We combined our specially engineered, moldable base section with our thinnest memory foam to give you a light weight saddle that has great comfort.

Our Price: C$ 295.00
Sale Price: C$ 249.95
Cobb Rear Mount Water System Cobb Rear Mount Water System

Neatly attaches to the rear of the following Cobb Saddles: Fifty-Five JOF, the Randee, the Plus2 and the Gen2. Includes one Saddle Bag. Mounts one or two water bottle cages (not included).

Our Price: C$ 79.95
Cobb Demo Saddle Cobb Demo Saddle

Looking to try out one of our amazing Cobb Saddles before purchasing? Please review our Saddle Demo program terms and conditions below before adding this item to your cart.

Our Price: C$ 49.95
Cobb JOF Randee Saddle Cobb JOF Randee Saddle

Randee is short for Randonneur, designed for long distance riders, riders that goes out and ride several hundred miles over a weekend and Gran Fondo riders that like to put in hard fast miles. This short nosed saddle provides unmatched adjustability and a wide 155mm rear support area.

Our Price: C$ 270.00
Sale Price: C$ 229.95
Cobb Cycling Plus2 Bike Saddle Cobb Plus2 Saddle

The Plus2 is the next iteration of Cobb's go to Plus Saddle. It features longer seat rails for better range adjustability and integration of the rear water system.

Our Price: C$ 290.00
Sale Price: C$ 215.00